About LibRaw LLC

LibRaw LLC was established in 2008 to provide software for digital photography and videography. We offer consulting services, and currently maintain several projects: free open-source multi-platform LibRaw API library based on dcrawFastRawViewer, a fast RAW images viewer; and RawDigger, a program to view and analyze raw image data.

LibRaw library is meant to address the needs of raw convertor developers, GUI developers, and those interested in implementing and testing their own routines for certain steps of raw conversion workflow, i.e. demosaicking, color transforms, noise reduction, correction for distortions and aberrations introduced by optics, etc. The library is also useful for raw data analysis and for the purpose of testing sensors and lenses.

RawDigger allows to view, study, and analyze raw data as recorded by digital photo- and certain video cameras. Currently the main tools RawDigger offers are histograms, statistical analysis of raw data (mean, StdDev, min and max values), raw compression tone curve dump (if present). Results can be saved as appropriate in the form of bitmaps and/or CSV and CGATS tables. RawDigger tools work over the whole raw data in the file as well as over arbitrary rectangular regions and "point" samples.

FastRawViewer is the first and the only dedicated application with the purpose of extremely fast culling and pre-processing of RAW images: i.e. display, visual and technical analysis, applying basic corrections, sorting and setting aside or directly transferring the selected shots for further processing.